We charge fees based on the volume of securities (i.e total issuance amount) that are issued through our platform. Our fees are structured on a sliding scale, with the rate decreasing as the volume of securities increases. Fees are due when claiming financing on a successful issuance and will be deducted from the issuance proceeds. There are no fees incurred for unsuccessful book building programs.
For issuances with a volume of < 25 million USDC or EUROe, our fee is 0.50% (not annualized). This means that if you issue securities with a volume of 24.999000 USD, the fee would be 0.50% of the total volume.
For secured issuance programs, the minimum collateral fee is 5000 USDC / EUROe with a sliding scale based on the total issuance volume.
Issuance fee Collateral fee
0-25M 50bp 30bp
25-50M 40bp 25bp
50-75M 35bp 20bp
75-100M 30bp 15bp
100+ 25bp 10bp
If borrowers make use of the rating service offered through Credora, charges will incur for the rating data that is provided to the marketplace. In this case, our fee is 0.15% on an annualized basis.
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