Getting started

New investors on Obligate need to create an account and go through an onboarding process. The account needs to be verified by a member of the Obligate team. Should any information be missing, a member will reach out to the borrower directly to to discuss next steps. Investors who have already gone through the onboarding process can log in into their account.

Here is a step by step guide for the onboarding process:

  1. Enter your email address and create your account password

  2. Confirm your email

  3. Select if you want to invest or borrow on and if you are representing a company or an individual

  4. Complete the KYC process & KYB (for companies only) with our provider Sumsub. Visit KYB and KYC for more information.

  5. Invite any additional members to your company account and let us know if all invited members are listed in your company registration excerpt or in the articles association. This lets us know if we need to reach out to an authorized representative of your company to confirm your member's signing authorization.

That's it on your end, your account is now setup, but still needs to be verified by us and Sumsub. You will receive an email once your account has passed all verifications.

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