Supported wallets

The Obligate platform currently supports the following wallets officially:
Other wallets may or may not work. If you're planning to use a different wallet please contact [email protected] beforehand.
IMPORTANT: remember that the platform is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of these wallets. It is recommended that you always keep your private keys safe and never share them with anyone.
To prevent any loss of funds it's important to follow best practices for securing your assets, such as keeping your device and software up to date, using strong passwords, and using multi-factor authentication (MFA).
USDC is used as nominal and settlement currency for the eNote, please add to your wallet USDC's contract details:
Address: '0x2791Bca1f2de4661ED88A30C99A7a9449Aa84174',
symbol: 'USDC',
name: 'USD Coin',
decimals: 6,
USDC is a widely accepted token that is traded all the major exchanges, OTC desks, and on/off-ramp providers. You will need to acquire USDC tokens first to fund your investing orders.
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